DevOps Position at Codeway

From strategy games to AI-based mobile apps, here at Codeway we create a wide range of products. As we launch new apps & games and reach tens of thousands of new users on a daily basis, our DevOps team ensures that Codeway scales seamlessly.

Such a seamless growth is only possible thanks to massively scalable cloud infrastructures. As a member of the DevOps team at Codeway, you’ll be working on some of the most unique challenges in the industry, including:

  • Working on globally available and highly scalable cloud environment setup and maintenance
  • Maintaining several Kubernetes clusters across different regions
  • Automating deployments for microservices
  • Working with different types of workloads such as CPU & GPU bound products.
  • Spending your valuable time to provide globally accepted solutions for the complex problems we face everyday

You’ll be responsible for:

  • Working with development teams of independent studios to extend our devops infrustructures and best practices to these teams
  • Running, maintaining and monitoring multiple Kubernetes clusters on Google Cloud
  • Supporting engineering teams with different Google Cloud services for their needs and workflows
  • Optimizing the operational costs on infrastructure level
  • Working on Codeway’s central Logging, Monitoring and Alerting infrastructure. (Cerebro)

Who you are:

  • Experience working with a productionized Kubernetes cluster & automating the Continuous Deployment Pipelines
  • Experience in maintaining platform services like function runtimes and managed supplementary services for event driven execution
  • Centralized logging and monitoring background for applications on Kubernetes platform
  • Declarative application and infra resource management
  • Good amount of understanding of Docker, GCP and CI/CD principles

Preferred experiences:

  • ArgoCD or FluxCD for Continuous Deployment on Kubernetes
  • Source code management and CI integration with Gitlab
  • Previous experience about managing applications on Kubernetes with Helm and/or any CD tools
  • Familiarity with GitOps practices
  • Understanding of microservice environments and it’s requirements
  • System development using devops principles and skills